20 June 2008

One of the Best Things

One of the best things about the way my kids have grown up is how close they are to each other. If they had left the house every day and led their own lives, being oriented to the peers who had the same reading or math abilities, they may have missed out on one of the best gifts in life - their siblings. Our move to Texas has played an even bigger part in this process, as during that first year they only had each other - the three of them. The girls share a special closeness as sisters that I only ever tasted briefly in the confidences of sisters whom I did not live with, but loved all the same. Here is a little glimpse at their closeness:
Kendra has had a job for about 5 months now at a little restaurant in a town not too far away. She wanted a job as soon as we moved, but since she was only 15 we tried our best to slow her down. It wasn't very hard as there are few jobs available for teenagers in our area that aren't in the fast food industry. She started working shortly before she turned 17. A couple of days ago she came home from work with an application for her sister. Kaitlyn is 14 - turning 15 in a few weeks. My first instinct was to discourage it, but then I realized, she always gets to do things sooner than Kendra because her sister has paved the way. They could work together and Kendra could look out for her. (Although if you know them, you know that it is probably the other way around!) The thing is, Kendra said she was so excited when the manager said he would hire her sister that her co-workers were perplexed, saying things like, "I'd kill my sister if she worked with me." to which Kendra replied, "My sister is my best friend."
Now if that doesn't just give a mama's heart warm fuzzies all over! The best part is that I know it's true. Kullen on the other hand was not too thrilled. In fact devastated might be a better way to describe his reaction. He hates his oldest sister being gone all the time, and now the possibility of the other one being gone more often was a bit more than he could handle. I won't say there were tears involved, but let's say that something on somebody's face was leaking.
We'll all have some serious growing pains over the next several years as they start making their way in the world a little more separated from one another than they are used to, but I think we'll come out on the other end, still extremely close at heart.
As a little disclaimer, the picture here is over a year old. They're both going to hate it!


  1. It's great that your kids have such a good relationship with each other. I hope that lasts into adulthood and they don't let anything or anyone mess it up!

    When you get to be an adult, those relationships become SO important!

  2. Sisters....it can be either a GREAT thing or a not so great thing. you lucked out there!

  3. Having never had a sister I have LOVED watching my daughters sisterhood. It is so awesome. Alexandra and Danielle have always been each others best buds. Christiana is Danielle's best Malachi entertainer and scrapbook buddy, and ALexandra and Christiana are music fanatics (they are going to a festival together this summer - so cute!) and Christiana is discovering the joys of having an older sister with an awesome wardrobe who wears the same size clothes. Brothers are nice too, but having a sister sure seems cool.

  4. Your blog and writing are lovely as is your family. Seems like you are doing a great job with your ddaughter


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