13 June 2008

Sorry for Your Luck

Have you ever passed by a store window or a strategically placed mirror and felt as if you had no business being out in public looking the way you do? You immediately start critiquing your hair, your facial expression, your weight, your clothing style, the way you walk? Have you ever heard your own voice on a video or a recording like your answering machine and found that it wasn't at all true to your own perception of your voice? Well, I realized this - other people see me and hear me all the time. I do not have their perspective - I can only see from the inside of myself, out. So, it occurred to me one day, when I glimpse my reflection or hear my voice it is really only a shock to me. Everybody else already knows what I look and sound like.
Ha ha - sorry for your luck!
(blogger just gave me some sort of failure error in posting this - do you think it's the picture? will this blog be flagged for objectionable content?)


  1. Coming across as confident when I'm out is something I've been working on for a minute! And you're so right: everyone else already knows how you look and they don't care!lol

    ps. Love the pic!LOL

  2. That needs to be your new avatar. and I HATE my voice when I hear it back. It's freaky.

  3. I feel your pain! I'm with Emily on the voice thing. The voice I hear is so much better than the one everyone else hears!

  4. You are too much!!!!!!!!

    I don't like my voice either.

  5. I've seen that look on your face before. It scares me.

  6. If that was the face you were making when you looked into the window no wonder you were shocked :)
    I never look to my self what I think I look like, and the voice sounding different is so true.

  7. Thank you for the BEST giggle I've had all week...LOVE the picture!!!
    This is the face I wish I could make at those rude, snobbish people that work at the banks and the mall, not to mention loan officers...HeeHee.
    Have a GREAT week-end!!!
    Charlotte in WV

  8. ROFL You are too funny!

    And I hate how I sound in a recording of any type. And video is even worse. It really does add 10 lbs. Blech! I have yet to watch my wedding video. When I'm 80 and sad about my wrinkles, THEN I might just watch it to remember when... maybe...


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