13 June 2008

The Master Plan in Action

I just wanted to show you a little teensy peek at how The Master Plan has helped me get organized! I am really really really loving this interactive feature! I planned out my entire menu for the coming week - and then right next to it I was able to make my grocery list! It was so awesome and so easy. We are really trying to cut back on expenses, I am trying to find meals that stretch our dollars with one or two "nicer" meals (on my friend Leslie's advice!). This week we are trying Monte Cristos because I had one that made my mouth water when I hung out with my friend Shannon the other night! (Dip that baby in raspberry sauce! YUM!) We'll just have to see if the kiddos like it. If I could get my act together, we could even rent the Count of Monte Cristo to watch it to complete the theme.
Here is my menu as of tonight - although I'm sure I'll remember some other things before I head out to the store in the morning. So I'm not printing just yet.
I love how this works. I also love that I can see at a glance some things that need work. Just as soon as I posted this page I realized that most of what we're eating on Saturday is high carb/white flour, etc. so I can do some adjusting, with a couple of little clicks of my magic mouse! I also see that I am having pasta salad for lunch on Thursday and I can probably have some leftover as a side with hamburgers that night. Those are just two brief observations.
I was able to make the grocery list on the connecting page -
There aren't many vegetables here - because I'll likely pick those up as we go at roadside stands, and get some things that are just starting to show out of my own backyard garden. I realize that I wrote tomatoes here - and I will not be buying them at the store! No way. Plus they can't even compare to homegrown.
So just thought I'd share that little peek into one way that The Master Plan has streamlined my life! Woo hoo. I'll let you know how the shopping goes.


  1. Very cool. I need to use mine now!

  2. Very cool. You are so techie (my "interactive" list is a piece of scrap paper that is lying around the house somewhere) and organized too. Amazing!

  3. Wow, I'm amazed that you even plan out breakfast and lunches.

  4. This looks incredible Julie!!!!! Fantastic job on it.


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