19 June 2008

Make Plans Without Me

Just in case you're wondering if I can say - come to your wedding, attend a birthday party, bring a dish to a potluck sometime in April-May-ish 2010 - just wanted you to know that I'm going to be busy.


  1. That sounds wonderful. Hope you all do it!

  2. What fun! Think you can manage a lay over in England for a day or two while you are in the neighborhood?????

    Oh and if you need to talk to another Mom whose daughter ran off to the other side of the world about this I'll put you in touch with my Mom! She has several years of practice! LOL!

  3. That is so awesome!

    I think we should make plans to travel Europe together. We can stop off and visit Kendra in Italy and then go see Kameron in France. It is much easier to travel when you know people who are all ready there! OK who can we get to move to Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Spain,...? I see you have a friend in England

  4. Wow! So awesome that she is not afraid to think outside the box! And yes, 'twould be such a great experience, and she's right to understand that there's usually only a small window of opportunity to take advantage of such adventure. As a mom, it might scare the hell out of me, to see my babies go that far, but I, too, will not be the one to stand in their way - fear or not.

  5. Julie ~
    Let me straight up - are you REALLY going to do this? If so I'm excited that you've allowed yourself to dream. And if not, I'm glad you've allowed yourself to dream, too!


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