14 June 2008

Right Before Your Very Eyes

If you see things rapidly changing around here, it is because I was working on another blog where I can put all of my ebooks, etc. so that those of you who want to hang out here can without watching one long running commercial. I made my own heart stop for a minute when I accidentally made all the changes to this template. Yeah, cause I'm savvy like that with blogger templates. Anyway - thanks for the patience while I am under construction! The Open Book Nook will be open and ready for business very soon!


  1. Hey Jewls, do you twitter? If you do, I'm rlscovens there.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and getting back to me on the paypal. I'll keep checking back here and at your new blog when it's up.
    Have a wonderful week!
    PS I'll look forward to hearing your verdict on your new browser.
    PPS I'd love to have you join in the Week in Review!


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