04 June 2008

The Master Plan Continues

I have started to get some sales of the Master Plan, and it's pretty exciting. The contest to win a freebie is still going on, and thus far there are only 7 entries, so the chances of winning are high! I am not trying to nag ya, but FREE is a pretty good price. The price of the planner is also $10 off what it will be listed for shortly in other places!
One of my first "customers" has posted a review. Check it out if you want to hear an unbiased perspective - cause we just met. Really, you won't believe it after you read her review, but I didn't know her until a few days ago.
My friend Leslie, who wrote some articles on simple and frugal living for The Master Plan has also posted about it on her website.
Thanks for the links ladies! Happy Planning!


  1. Hey girl! I posted it up on the UK blog for you! Check it out!

  2. Ok, she's (The Master Plan) finally posted on my site as well. Hope it helps! If you'll tell me how again, I'll be happy to put the picture of it up with my post. You know I'm such a retard on computers. It usually takes about 3 times of being told something before it sticks!
    Best wishes!!


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