25 June 2008


Kendra and her friend Katelyn had a joint party last night for their birthdays which were both over two months ago. The end of the school year, plays and rehearsal schedules, etc. all kept them from having it until now. They wanted to plan it themselves and paid for most everything. The party was hosted at Katelyn's house. She turned 18 on her last birthday and leaves for college in August. Kendra turned 17 in April. She is leaving for Italy in 2010 - except she's taking me with her!
They had gourmet pizzas, virgin pina coladas, and a lovely salad among other tasty things. One of the things that was most surprising about this party was that it was all girls. I don't remember ever hearing of girls this age not wanting boys at their party. They had great food, everybody dressed up in new sundresses, did their hair and make-up - for each other. How cool is that? I hope they always enjoy the company of girlfriends like this!
In this group picture, the birthday girls are in the front wearing tiaras!


  1. This is so cool! What a G-R-E-A-T idea. The girls are all beautiful and I'm so impressed with the planned it / paid for it themselves part. Its sounds both simple and elegant! Thos girls must have amazing moms ....

  2. Those girls are all so lovely. Doing each other's hair and makeup? wow, that's fun!

  3. Those girls are simply breathtaking! what a great group.

  4. WHat a cute group of girls. How nice that Kendra has a friend like that.

  5. What fun! I guess you're doing something right Mama despite all your worrying! LOL!

  6. girlfriends are the greatest. hope your party was a blast, Kendra!
    maybe i'll see you in italy in 2010. i'm plotting an escape.


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