02 June 2008

The Ever Expanding Duties of Motherhood

About 2:30 am I got a phone call. It was one of my children who shall remain nameless, having a sleepover at a friend's house. They were having difficulty sleeping, although they repeatedly asserted that they weren't scared. We talked for a bit - I had been sound asleep and was struggling to be encouraging. Then the little voice asked the question, "Mom, can you come get me?"
This particular request has never been denied any of my children - and in fact, I get them happily and cheerfully because I never want them to feel like it is wrong to want to come home. Ever. My own personal comfort is secondary in these situations.
But the child was 40 minutes away.
I talked, sang every song I could think of, etc. until we came up with a solution - we would fall asleep on the phone together. "I just want to hear you breathe, okay mom?"
And we did.


  1. Utterly precious! You truly are a fantastic mom!! I have a lot to learn from you!!

  2. How comforting, loving and sweet! A mother child relationship compares to no other.

  3. That's so sweet! I always tell my kids that they can call me, no matter what time it is and I'll come get them. Secretly, I wish they would because I don't like it when they are away. How am I going to handle college???

  4. Awww... what a great solution!

    I still feel like that sometimes...


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