10 June 2008


Kullen had a doctor's appointment today. He ran out of inhalers, and since our nurse practitioner is no longer at the practice where we go regularly, we had to go in for an appointment in order to get a new prescription. It didn't start off well, as I got there at 2 pm for a 1 pm appointment. (I looked at the wrong date on my calendar!)
If you have asthma you likely know that as of January 1st, Albuterol is no longer approved for use by the FDA because the aerosol dispenser is damaging to the ozone. The problem with this is that no substitutes they have used actually give Kullen any relief. Albuterol is being substituted with a new inhaler called Pro-Air, which doesn't seem to work. Kullen went through four of them in the same amount of time he typically uses one Albuterol.
I went through the whole rigmarole with the doctor, pharmacist and prescription company. The situation is just ridiculous. They can't fill a prescription for Albuterol - even though they still have it because the prescription drug companies aren't reimbursing them enough on it. The prescription companies aren't approving the Albuterol because of the environmental concerns - even though the pharmacist told me in no uncertain terms that the methane gas emitted by cows is doing more damage than the little Albuterol cannisters. And to top it all off, there are essentially no generic substitutes for asthmatics. Sounds like an elaborate plan schemed up by drug companies. Caught in the middle is a little boy who I just want to help breathe easier. There is no nice way to say this - it really ticks me off!


  1. I know how he feels. The Pro Air isn't working well for me either. I miss my Albuterol too!

  2. Hey Jewels! I am an asthma sufferer too. Personally I found that I was allergic to the propellants in the traditional inhalers - I always had a bad reaction to using them! They moved me to a 'Turbo inhaler' that you breath in. Mine is called Bricanyl. It contains terbualine sulphate and it has been working brilliantly for three years now! I also use a preventative like this too, but don't need the preventative very often any more. Hope you can find something that works better for him. I know how hard it is when you simply can't breath!!

  3. I just called yesterday to get more Singulair for mel. The last time we went to the doctor he gave Mel a different inhaler too, but I can't remember the name of it. Mel is slowly but surely getting to the point where he doesn't need it anymore...

    I hope you find a good one for Kullen. It's scary when the asthma is really bad.

  4. Ah yes, the same drug companies that we're supposed to believe have OUR best interests at heart! Don't get me started on this subject!! Greater than the deception of religion, I believe, is the deception of the ever-hailed drug companies!

  5. Albuterol doesn't work well enough for Tank's asthma. We have been very pleased with Xopenex for the past year or two. It comes in inhaler or nebulizer form. Oh and it doesn't increase your heartrate like the Albuterol did. That stuff personally made me shakey and crazy!

  6. My son also prefered the albuterol, tha pro air takes longer to relieve him. You are SOL if he has an acute asthma attack as mine did. Pro Air is o.k, the other was more immediate, my son who doesn't know better asked why it wasn't working as well! May want to try xopenex instead, it supposedly has fewer side affects and lasts longer. I wonder with the new laws not allowing albuterol if more people shoould be carrying epipens for emergencies!


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