07 June 2008

And the Winner Is...... Master Plan Contest

I had my lovely assistant Vanna Kaitlyn help me with this drawing today. The winner is.....
And even though TAMI purchased one, she linked to my contest anyway so she could win one for a friend. How awesome is that?
Keep reading, keep reading.
I am not quite done with you contestants yet. If you are interested in hosting a contest on YOUR blog this coming week, I will not only give you a copy of the Master Plan for yourself but one to give away just for participating. If you are interested, grab the info and post your entry, then email me or comment here to let me know it's up. This is for my contestants only.
Congratulations Tami!


  1. Oh Thank you, Thank YOU!! I have a friend in mind who's interested in your planner and could use the blessing of "free." Let me check with her. Also, it's a BLAST that you're letting us have a contest for The Master Plan on our own blogs, as well ... or am I disqualified from that?

  2. Yay, doing a happy dance. I just spent money on my time in the big city, so was stressing a teensy bit about buying your book by Monday. I am SO in!!! Thank you!

  3. Oh cool! Hosting a contest would be way fun. Great idea!

  4. I posted on my blog, I hope I did it right, LOL!

  5. Jewls,

    What do I have to do to get in on this contest? I'm out of the loop since my family's visit a few weeks back.


  6. Hi there,
    I do not have a personal Blog, however I will post on our Homeschool support site which has about 100+ homeschooling parents from Orange County California. I would love to be part of that next contest. tell me what to do!

  7. Ok, I lied, I do have a blog!!! I forgot about the one I started when i was working for the Red Bee design team. So not only all the blogs I type on daily, but now I have my own to help you promote you new book. Just tell me what to do. I am so excited to get a copy and host a contest!!!!!


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