14 June 2008

Poor Sweet Kitten

About a week ago we had a kitten hit in the road in front of our house. It was so sad. I came home and Kaitlyn was outside crying and Travis was standing beside her wearing that same bewildered expression that he had the first time they placed her as a newborn in his arms, trying to figure out how to comfort her. Then today, I backed out of the place I park my car, which is just a spot under a tree for shade and could not be considered a driveway, to find another baby had gotten under my car. I was devastated. My whole body hurt. I could literally feel an ache in my skin. We had been on our way to do a quick errand, and after I regained my composure we went. That errand was to pick up kitten food so that we could take the babies into the house and keep them safer, ironically. When we were at the store, Kaitlyn said she could only imagine as sad as that was for us how terrible Steven Curtis Chapman's family must feel. It seems proper perspective is always available. Poor sweet kitten - but not my child. That poor family must still be hurting so badly.


  1. I still think about their family often too.

  2. How awful. Our pets are our family and this makes me feel so ill. I hope that nothing else happens.


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