27 June 2008

Restored Faith in the World

I don't think that we often realize the power of patience, a kind word, a smile. We often underestimate how powerful treating every person as if they are just like you, without any assessment of rank or status can be. We had a moment of restored humanity today at the local bank. Yep, our itty bitty town has an itty bitty bank, the size of a small trailer. We had to have some papers signed for our mortgage company in front of a notary. It was a very nice office, but a bit awkward, as the only place to sit when we first got there was a few feet away from the desk where another couple was opening a checking account.
The lady that helped us was amazing. We only went for a notary signature, but she looked at our paperwork, advised us, answered questions, and went far above and beyond what would be expected. The most awesome part is that she treated us like human beings, understanding that anyone can have hard times. The cost for all of this - zero. I can't believe we got the best customer service ever in our little bitty town. I think that I am going to bake her some cookies one day next week, just to say thank you.


  1. Yall experienced the favor of God today!!

  2. You should totally make her cookies!

    People are always so shocked when people say thank you instead of complain.

    BTW, thanks for your comment. I'm waiting on my 2x4 from God.

  3. That is so cool!!!

    We do experience kindness like that on occasion.

  4. It's nice to know that people like that still exist. Glad you had such a great experience.

    It reminds me of a couple of years ago when I was at the Post Office sending a gift to my mom for Mother's day, I receieved the best customer service and help from a lady there. I took her a big vase with fresh flowers and a thank you note.

  5. We're glad for you too! Is "paper signing", by chance, the 'possible financial relief' you referred to a couple of weeks ago?
    Cookies are a great idea!

  6. What a great story. Bake that lady some cookies and let her know that her patience and kindness really do make a difference.

  7. How encouraging to find such kindness and warmth-- especially in your own itty bitty town!

  8. that is so wonderful. it's little things like that that can really make or break a day (depending on the week).
    : )

  9. I totally agree! Thank you for the post.


  10. There are, what do they call it? "random acts of kindness", then there are sometimes just nice people. Thank God!!!
    Even if you just send her a nice card it would mean an awful lot to her. I have saved all the cards that people have sent me over the years. One that really meant alot to me one time and was quite surprising was a card from the secretary at my kids elementary school. She just wanted to thank me for being nice and understanding when I would go into the office for "whatever". I never thought about it much until she sent it, but she must get some pretty nasty parents some days. She was such a nice lady, I couldn't imagine anyone losing patience or getting short with her, but we don't live in a perfect world do we?
    Lisa B.


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