14 June 2008

New Coolio Internet Stuff

At my husband's request, I am trying out a new internet browser called Flock. As with anything new, there is a learning curve, so the verdict is still out. It looks pretty neat. I know it has all kinds of features that are supposed to help you keep up with your social networks. I am not sure that I can keep up no matter what tools they offer, but one neat perk is that whenever a browser is new, there are less chances for viruses. I evidently got infected recently by a Trojan virus (ie. serious, hideous, scary, frightening, scarred for life porn -not kidding so thank GOD the kids don't use my computer!). The virus was piggybacking a file sent by a company I work with, and believeyoume you don't want that baby. Ick, ew, gross.
Secondly, I had to send a fax to our mortgage company. The last time I had to do that, it cost me $29 buckaroos. I didn't want to do that again being that our finances - (not fiancees- we're already married) are so dang tight. Heck, even if we had money to throw it away - I can think of more fun ways to throw away that amount of money. Anyway - I did a Google search for "send fax via the internet" and located FaxZero. You can go to their site and send a fax that is 3 pages or less for free, of course they put an advertisement on the cover page. Or you can pay $1.99 via PayPal and fax up to 15 pages. I'm waiting to get a notification that my fax was successful, but I'll let you know how it went!
And one last thing. If you are a Blogger blogger, there is a new option to add a blog list! It is really awesome. You can add 5-10-25 blogs to this list via the URL or you can load them from your Google Reader. It will show you a list of a size of your choosing. You also have the option to include a little snippet of their post. What a great way to get your blogger friends noticed by other bloggers. I had eighty-two blogs on my Google Reader. Scary. I don't read them all every day. I go to my "friends" list and work my way out if I have time. Are you comment worthy?


  1. I love new internet things! Let us know how the new browser stacks up.

  2. I've never tried a browser other than internet explorer. I'm chicken, I guess! And I'm gonna have to check out FaxZero! That may really come in handy! Thanx for the info!

  3. Don't you use an anti virus program? We use norton and it scans every night, now with the latest it picks up tracking cookies too. We also have zone alarm firewall with those two things all the trojans are stopped dead :)

  4. That blog list thing is cool. I have something similar, but not exactly. :)

    and the free fax thing ROCKS. I will most definately use that. wow.

  5. Julie...
    I just did a review at my site for your Master Plan for HOTM....I was TOTALLY impressed and I'm hooked!!
    Thank you for FINALLY putting together a planner that I can use online that isn't in ARIAL font!!
    I love it!!!
    Head over and I think you'll sense the enthusiasm!!

    It's the best...
    I was THRILLED to click on the crock pot gal's link...WHOO HOOO!!
    That is a dream girl! THANK YOU for likely losing vision while doing this...it's a blessing!


  6. Comment worthy? Oh the pressure! So let's just say that no, I am definitely not comment worthy and if you do come to my bloggy doorstep and leave a calling card, I will feel extra super special! :-)

    As to the virus... YOWZERS. That is scary stuff! We've been having IE/Vista problems... so we've been using lots of Mozilla lately. So far so good! And it is super fast.


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