25 September 2007

The Money Pit

Do you ever feel like when one thing goes wrong with your home - everything seems to start crumbling? And I wonder why so many other people live in houses of great efficiency, in perfect repair. Travis took up the floor this weekend and got most of it out but all that is left is a hideous sub-flooring - but the worst part is that there is water damage from a leak we had - so there is black mold. I think this stuff gave me a severe headache yesterday - of the migraine kind that is still lingering today. Also the hinges on our kitchen cabinets are starting to lose these weird specialty screws - and you can't just go grab a screw at the hardware store so the cabinet doors are fragile. We also had a water leak in the bathroom after hubby took the floor out because the sink wasn't braced. I also have 2 seatbelts of my 7 passenger van that suddenly stopped working. It always seems to be something - but it always seems to come in at least 2 or 3s.


  1. UMMM yeah I know...
    This house was a neglectled and abused foreclosure, whole place has to be redone, so I feel your pain. We actually call it the money pit too and it was sealed when Jason was up in the attic and stepped down and his foot came through the ceiling, not kidding :)
    The before and after pics are like night and day, there's still a lot to do though.

  2. That old cliche "When it rains, it pours" came about for a good reason! I hope you get it all worked out soon.

    I'd love to go camping. John and I haven't gone since before kids (unless you want to count the nightmare stories in Romania). We only have a two person tent and a few sleeping bags. Maybe some year. Have fun.

  3. Yikes, black mold isn't good! Hope that gets resolve soon without great expense!


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