03 September 2007

What It's All About

We are visiting and saw a beautiful baby boy this afternoon. I know that I am getting older because this no longer makes me want another of my own, but has me looking with anticipation to the day when I'll be somebody's grandma.
Kendra traveled with her Memaw and me. She slept half the car trip and seems lost since we got here. It took a couple of hours for me to figure out that she was really out of sorts without her sister. They have gotten so close over the past few years. Later this afternoon Kaitlyn called and said she missed Kendra and me. I told her I was sorry that we didn't bring her, to which she said, "Then who would be here for Kullen?"
There are lots of reasons to homeschool your kids. Growing up and being close to your siblings is definitely a big reason, but it is never THE reason you homeschool, but more like a fringe benefit. As a mom my heart swells to know how much despite the occasional friction that comes with living in close proximity with other sinners, they truly love each other, are invested in one another, and prefer their siblings as chosen companions. To me that really is what it's all about - family first.


  1. Agreed!!!
    The greatest thing for us was that in spite of a large span in ages the kids all really knew each other because they were together rather than in 2 or 3 different schools all day.
    And how lucky am I to have found a school now, where C & R not only ride together to and from, take lunch and recess together, but now even get to share a classroom. But strangely enough they don't feel lucky. :)
    Actually, just last night Alexandra expressed interest in, should C ever be home schooled again, taking an active part in taking her on field trips and such. Pretty cool for an older sis 81/2 years older!

  2. I was expecting a pic of the new babe Julie!
    It is heartwarming when our childen show an attachment to each other, isn't it? Helps to have those sweet memories on those days when spatting seems to be the only form of communication.

  3. where's the pictures? Those of us who do not have a baby to cuddle and hand back have to live through those of you who do!! I do better with picture.

  4. Aren't we all just a bunch of corn balls loving to be with our families!

  5. I'm with you, I don't want any more of my own, the grandkids fill that hole nicely! We hd our little 5 year old Jelly Bean Sunday and Monday and that kid wore me out! Non-stop energy! I have more patience now that I'm older but not the endurance!


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