22 September 2007

Healthy Changes

I decided today that we are making the switch to organic milk. It is something that has been nagging at me for a while, and very suddenly today standing in front of the milk case while I was grocery shopping, I just knew that I could not buy hormone and antibiotic laden milk anymore. I just couldn't do it - even though a half-gallon cost as much as a whole gallon of regular milk, and even though my family consumes at least two gallons a week. I found this great website that has all kinds of information about the Bovine Growth Hormone used to increase milk production in dairy cows.
On the way home from the store, there was a super segment on the local Christian radio segment about moms cooking healthy foods for their children. The guest on the radio show has a website called Mom-a-licious and I spent some time checking it out earlier tonight. It was terrific. There is a cookbook by the same name. The website has recipes, and all sorts of resources and ideas for feeding your children well. One of the best resources offered is a segment on their website called "a fresh start", that details what to throw out of your pantry and what to add in. Very informative.
Happy Healthy Eating!


  1. We've made a few changes in the right direction. We only buy whole grain breads, pasta and tortillas. We have white flour for some reason- habit maybe? I'm trying to give up coke on a permanent basis but it keeps sneaking back into my life. Thanks for the link to the website. We need to make some more healthy changes.

  2. I'm impressed. I just checked out the lists in the start here section and I think only one or two of the 'get rid of' items are even in the house! And most of the replacement items we have. I guess we are doing pretty well! LOL! It's only taken us three years to make these changes - sigh!

  3. I've been toying with the milk switch for a couple of years now and just haven't taken the plunge.

    Off to follow your links.

  4. We do organic milk and produce (mostly on the produce, will be joining a co-op VERY soon).

    I'd like to do organic meat but it is sooo expensive. My friend and I are currently looking into going in on a cow together. Sounds weird, huh? Anyhoo, basically buying a cow that has not been given antibiotics and such and then having it butchered. It's a lot of money up front, but might be worth it... we shall see!

  5. I will have to check out that website. We live in a place where organic things are readily available, but are more expensive, so I pick and choose what things I will buy organic.

  6. OooH! I have not heard of this one. Right up my alley! I will be checking this one out.

    FYI, check some of the larger groceries in your area or in an area you visit weekly. Many stores are beginning to carry organic milk in the gallon...MUCH cheaper. Usually less than $1.50 more per gallon. Also, do NOT buy Horizon. I will try to find you at least one article that details why horizon why milk is not what they say it is because of reduction in government standards in labelling. There is an "acceptable level" of hormones and antibiotics.
    You can check out Journey to Simplicity, In the past week I penned a post regarding saving on milk. =)
    OH and BTW, I cannot believe your family consumes only 2 gallons of milk per week. Are you trying to fool us? lol!


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