14 September 2007

My Favorite Kit Cat

I know I shouldn't have a favorite - but I always do. With every litter of kittens, there is one that just grabs my heart. I think they are all beautiful - but I fall in love with certain ones. This one might be considered ugly by some standards - she isn't really striped, or calico, or spotted, but she is a mixture of it all. I am just crazy about her. She wasn't squawling like some of her siblings - she just laid contentedly in my hands and fell asleep, securing her place in my heart! Since Renae wanted to see some kitty pictures - I'll just use this one to whet the cat-lover's appetite for more later!


  1. VERY cute kitten.

    And I despise cats. But that one I'll make an exception for. :-)

  2. So THAT is what I can do when there are no more babies in the house! Thanks for the photo. Precious!

  3. I'm not a pet person but I verbally let out an "Awwwwwww!" after seeing that picture.

  4. CUTE...but I'm allergic. So I'll let you hold it for me.

  5. Congratulations on your new kitties.

  6. She is too sweet!

    Our cat is due to have kittens again. Her last litter all of them were stillborn and then she went into heat the NEXT week! I couldn't believe how quick it was. Anyway the tomcats got to her before I got to her. Oh well. Hopefully we will have healthy kittens this go around. And this time we will get the kitty to the vet before the tomcats come around again.


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