30 September 2007

Art Journals

I found this the other day on a blog that I read regularly - and I am so grateful. I always feel like art needs to be a certain way, or look a certain way or it wasn't art. SuziBlu does a great job at spelling it out so that you can "get it" - check out this first video - and if you like it and want to see more - when you're at YouTube - you can search for art journal videos, and find them all.

I was inspired to start my own journal and when it finally dries from all the layers of paint that I have put on it, I will share it here! Get inspired, get your hands dirty, create because you were fashioned in the image of Creator God.


  1. Thanks for posting this video. Good stuff!

  2. intriguing..i love art but find that art is not just in pictures but in everyday life. from the way a tree is leaning, to the depth in color when you look closely at a flower. it's spoken words of passion and written words of poetry. it's anything that makes you imagination and mind look deeper. maybe doing an art like journal would be a way for me to actually keep a journal. dwayne and i just purchased a painting from a christian artist i think you might like. we have two of his work. One is an actual painting *screen print* and the other is just a poster print I got because I bought his wifes book of poetry. It's very eye catching, make sure you read the meanings of the pictures. We have the baggage one and the one with the master's chains. forget the actual names at the moment. Here's the website: http://no1underground.com/artstore.html

  3. Rather inspiring and quirky little video. I go through phases when I long to create and then I allow myself to get wrapped up in the everyday stuff. What a fantastic reminder that we are all created in the image of the Most Creative of All.

  4. Hey there ... thanks for the comments on my blog. Glad to see that you are already turned on to Suziblu. I was going to recommend her videos. Keep an eye on my blog ... I will do a post explaining how I did my latest journal page.

    In the meantime, just keep creating ... and good idea about doing the art journal with your kids. Why didn't I think of that? Going to dig up some journals for them today.

  5. FYI, I penned a post awhile back about altered book journaling. I am really intersted and have been keeping my eye out for the perfect first one.

    As for Suzi, I couldn't agree more that any journal will do, but you cannot beat a moleskin!

  6. I love this Art Journal, How true it is we are scare that if anyone see our art and doesn't approve we fail, we don't fail, art is a our perception of life. If Picasso, or Van Gough would have but stock into peoples oppions we wouldn't have all the great work from them that we do amoung a lot of other wonderful people. Unfortunately because of so many critices and individuals who think they know best we are robbed of millions of great pieces of artwork each and every day.


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