01 October 2007

Eighties Greaties

I was listening to an "oldies" station this morning that was playing eighties music when a strange feeling came over me. I wanted to chew Hubba Bubba, put on a pair of skin tight two-toned jeans, get my hair cut in a mullet, slick my lips with strawberry lip gloss and go roller skating. Somewhere inside me is the youth resistant to getting old. 80s music releases her from deep down inside!


  1. I was almost with ya there... but you said MULLET. Nuh-uh. I may have dressed ugly but there was NO WAY I'd do the all business in front but party in the back hairstyle!

  2. LOL!!! I didn't dress like that or wear lip gloss or get a mullet BUT I knew lots who did, LOL!

    We stopped at a little cruise in at Sonic Saturday night and listening to those big blocks rev brought back memories...

    I love 80's music, the hard rock hair bands of course, still do :)

  3. Well.....I didn't do the mullet. With my curls it was more the big bushy hair thing! LOL! But the rest I can relate to spot on! Ouch! Is that really the oldies now!

  4. QUICK! Turn off the radio!!! We don't want to go back -- no, no, no!! Remember leg warmers?? Boys with greasy hair?? Black eyeliner - all the way around, 1 inch wide??

    (Now I am scared.)

    Blessings, Beckie :o)

  5. What about stirrup pants, kiltie-type ballet slipper flats, rolling up your jeans at the ankles, slouch socks and New Kids On The Block? This is all reminiscent of my oldest daughter Jennifer.

    I'm still more a product of the 70's then the 80's. I love Classic Rock and can remember all too well, my jeans, hippie beads, headbands and earth shoes!

  6. I am with you, but I had more of the big hair thing going. But I had the two tone jeans and the pink lip gloss, and I was totally in love with Jon Bon Jovi and Night Ranger(and Def Leppard, and Journey, and Toto, and....)

    I gotta go watch Sixteen Candles now!

  7. Oh, we're halfway the-ere! Wo-oh, living on a prayer! I still love Bon Jovi. I was more of a late eighties, early nineties girl. You know, the bangs straight up, but curved to one side at the same time! Nothing like a little rock to get this girl going either.

  8. 80s Ladies!!!
    I was the total 80s girl - I had a mullet in 83-85 and then went directly to the big hair.
    I live in Texas where big hair has not completely lost its grip on a small segment of society!

  9. My kids were in elementary school in the 80s. So I was far cooler than all of you.


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