28 October 2007

Pumpkin Butter

This evening, I made a triple batch of pumpkin butter. A blogger friend, Connie made it on her blog and it looked so good, I just had to try it for myself. The one main difference is that I don't cook in the microwave - sometimes I used it to reheat things, but I am concerned about it destroying the nutritional value of food. You can read more info in this article. So I searched around and found this stove-top recipe online - and boy did it turn out good!
My family had to sample it on hot buttered toast, and it met with unanimous approval. Not only did it taste good, it made the house smell heavenly.


  1. Mmmmm Mmmm!! I love anything made with pumpkin. I will definitely give this a try :-)

  2. Oh wow! Did you "can" it? I'm asking for canning supplies for Christmas!

  3. Yummo!

    I am currently in the let's-just-find-a-good-place-to-buy-it stage. So, do you have any for sale? :-) I have some great cherry butter from Dewberry Farm. Mmmm...

  4. for the smell alone I'd try it! That's one of my favorite candle smells....yummm.

  5. I am so glad it turned out for you! I have to say it is hands-down, my most sought after food I make! No lie! I make a mean PLUM BUTTER and PEACH BUTTER as well!

    I like to make little tags and attach them with jute and Fall fabric when I hand them out.

    Like I said, I felt it was time to retire it from competition because I couldn't imagine anything topping winning First Place and having the recipe published in the State Fair of Texas cookbook!


  6. One of the best things about fall is everything pumpkin. One of the best ways to eat pumpkin butter is on ginger snaps. Get some and try it!!

  7. oooh, that sounds good. Course, I love anything with the word butter in it! :-)

  8. I don't use the microwave either. I'll check out the recipe it sounds good.

  9. I make pumpkin butter in the crockpot. Then can it up.


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