05 October 2007

Life is Taking Over

Yep - a real life has formed and this stands alone as my only explanation of the lack of new blog entries. I still love blogging and if I didn't have this outlet in which to write and share with other people - I would wither up and die -and yet in and of itself this blog cannot be my life.
We are involved with two co-ops right now - a larger one in the city that meets weekly and a smaller one that is more local and meets twice a month. I am co-teaching a literature class for 6th and 7th grades at the larger one, working on a weekly newsletter and helping in the library. Yesterday I was asked to help teach the creative writing class for the older kids at the smaller co-op and I have to admit I am WAY excited about that. I mean excited in the I couldn't go to sleep for all the ideas I had kind of way. We are also working with those kids at assembling a newsletter and eventually establishing a yearbook staff. It ought to be great fun.
I think I am having some hormonal issues and am looking for an OB/GYN in the area. Fun. I am getting close enough to 40 that I have anxiety about being sent for a mammogram. Being rather well-endowed in this area, I am picturing something the size of an MRI machine and great amounts of suction. Okay, so I have a vivid imagination, but there is always the fear of the unknown.
Today I am taking Kullen to the doctor. He had gotten in my bed last night and somewhere around 4 am he was breathing so violently that his whole body was pulsing as he tried to suck in air. He wasn't making any noise, but convulsively shaking my bed. Scary. I got the nebulizer hooked up and in a short while he was doing much better and this morning seems fine. I am still taking him to the doctor.
My husband told me last night that the sales person had been let go of the company he has been working with - and evidently took all the clients with him. It would be too bad if he had to go back to the union hall and start over with another company and it would mean a drastic change in his income since he still doesn't have his TX license.
Tomorrow is the annual family reunion - so we are making the trek an hour north to meet up with the kinfolk. It is a great family - but sadly mostly the older family members. Those in our age group and the ages of our kids don't seem to think it is very important.
So many things going on - just thought I might catch you up in case you missed me!


  1. Life is really busy for us too. Good to hear from you. I'm finding it hard to blog and visit friends.

  2. *L*
    Life just is.
    Enjoy the co-ops!!

  3. Thanks for updating, I miss ya when I don't see you post anywhere.
    Hope Kullen is feeling better.
    Try to have fun at the reunion :)

  4. There you are right back in the middle of everything!!
    Let us know about Kullen and what's going on with your boobies.

  5. She said "boobies"! I had a mammogram due to some bleeding- I was not looking forward to it. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I do not have a large chest, so it may be different for you. I think that we all just hear the horror stories!
    Hope you had a good time at the reunion and that Kullen is feeling much better.

  6. Safe travels for the reunion! I hope the weather cooperates.

    I hope Kullen is doing better now. That is scary! I know allergies are really bad right now. Tank has had to do some additional treatments today as well.

    As to ze boobies, I would think it's a little easier to have a mammogram if you have more to stick up there. I couldn't imagine sandwiching the girls on a machine if the girls weren't big enough to reach or stretch out. I don't know about you, but after kids mine can squish and stretch pretty far.

    I'm sorry, was that too much of a visual?


  7. Don't sweat the mammogram. I just had my first a few months ago and aside from the fact that you are going topless in front of a stranger, it wasn't bad at all. They don't squish you THAT bad. I DO recommend a pelvic a few days before, because after getting that intimate with someone, the mammogram intimacy is pretty minimal.

    And yes, you were missed.

  8. ya know, julie, i had written almost this exact same blog about life and living it and how id rather be doing that than taking time out of it to write about it. i had it saved as a draft for day then yesterday i deleted it. i couldnt express it as nicely as you did and it just sounded like rambling. like I'D ever ramble! ;o)

    hope the fam reunion was fun. i hope kullens feeling better.

    and the mommogram... piece of cake. you know i have NO boobies so i thought it would really be bad for me. i mean, what were they gonna use to pull, stretch, and squish into their machine? but puul, stretch, and squish they did. the tech was so sweet and gentle and talked me thru everything. what REALLY helped is controlled breathing. in thru your nose; out thru your mounth. slow and steady. and next thing you know, its all over and done with! good luck if you have to have one. i havent been to the gyn ('cept for boobie issues) in *gasp* 7 years.


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