25 October 2007

The Youth Have Left the Building

I was a youth leader for a number of years in WV before we changed churches and then moved. I had participated in many different ministries, helping here and there wherever the Lord moved my heart, but I never found my niche until I worked with youth. It was like my heartstrings started to make music. In the past two years, we have encountered some pretty big life shifts, having moved and being not only in a new state but a different culture. One thing I always come back to is that I enjoy being a part of the lives of teenagers. My daughters and I have talked about this before, but in light of some recent happenings, we are praying about starting a youth group outside any church at our homes a couple of times a month. We were talking about all kinds of "themes" and we came up with The Youth Have Left the Building - it's part of the whole "God Journey" theme of being outside the walls. We don't want to go TO the church anymore, we want to BE the church. Could y'all pray for us on this adventure? I am ready to take the leap.


  1. Oh, that is so cool. I'll certainly pray for you all about it. :)

  2. Sounds exciting! I want to take the church out of the building, it's just very hard to do because I'm not always sure how, and my husband is a pastor, which seems to keep me "in" the building. Still praying about what I should be doing. Can't wait to read how this goes.

  3. Praying you will feel God's guidance in this endevour. May He guide your steps all the way. May you be a blessing to many!

  4. That sounds really cool! I hope it works out well.
    Paige (from RCU and Unschooling God's Journey)


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