24 October 2007

Fake and Phony

The girls went to youth group with Michael tonight. Every time they go they come home with the same complaints, that certain people are phony. People don't talk to them, or they act differently. Michael said the same. He has friends he has known for a long time there that in the last year or two have just started to act so differently toward him. I am crazy about Michael - almost like I am about my own kids. All the kids who have known me over the years know that when I love somebody - I don't do it with half a heart - I do it hook, line and sinker. The fact that people have misconceptions about him makes me want to poke them in the eye. (I know, very Christlike of me.) Has he made some mistakes, heck yeah - haven't we all? The thing that really bugs me is that in Christian community there is no room for anything short of perfection, or at least the appearance of perfection. What the kids are finding that makes me so sad, is that there is no room for mistakes. Once you screw up or do something others find unbecoming, you will never be given a chance to redeem yourself. I have news for them - Christ redeemed us all and they don't get to say whether you, or me, or Michael, or Kendra, or anyone else is in right standing. It is not their assessment of your heart that counts. I am glad that Michael doesn't allow "them" to change who he is because they don't approve of him. The rest - the icky stuff, the growing up, the sin to be overcome - all of that is the Lord's territory. The problem is that all too often God can't clean up the mess, cause other people are trying to do His job for Him. God loves you, Christ died for you, and in the end, what they think doesn't really matter. Find a way to love Christ in spite of what some would-be Christians try to say He is. They have Him all wrong.


  1. Thats so sad. Good thing he found you guys. Maybe he can find a better youth group? Maybe you will have to start one?

  2. My youngest daughter Laura Lou never seemed to fit in anywhere in high school. Even in Youth Group there were the usual cliques of jocks, preps, cheerleaders, etc. She couldn't stand the dramam and the pettiness that went with that time of her life.

    Charles on the other hand who is 17 seems pretty unfazed by it. he sorts through it all and fixates on the good or what is right. 2 totally different personalities!

    Sad to say, that attitiude you wrote about contiues into adulthood. I consider myself fortunate that in our church, most everyone reaches out regardless of your backgorund or history. We just wrapped a series called,

    "See Ya, The Church Has Left The Building".

    It's a call to be what Christ intended the church to be. One of the people in our church has begun a ministry where he reaches out to people who are battling drug addiction or prison, etc. He has taken his victory (over those same things) through Christ and is reaching out to others, pointing them to Christ.

    When the church is being the church, no wonder the gates of hell can not prevail!

  3. I smile nearly every time you mention Kendra and Michael. My own DD16's boyfriend is also named Michael. Like you, I've fallen hook, line, and sinker. He's like one of my own. He, too, enjoys hanging with our family. And he, too, has done some things he's not proud of. Fortunately, our (very small) youth group has embraced him. (Though his "Christian" friends at public school did not, so I understand what you're saying. BTW...he is now in a small private school and is thriving.) Tell your Michael to hang in there! God will use this to create something beautiful in his life(and Kendra's too!)

  4. If only teen and adults would apply the "mind your own business" statement that I was taught in childhood when it comes to judgement of others.

  5. I've on record as saying.....I don't care if my kids dye their hair green, pierce (oh please God, no!) their noses and dress in black....as long as they LOVE the Lord and seek after HIM.....

    It's those 'type' of people that have a perfect platform to reach people who might be 'different. A goth person might not want to talk to someone about GOD if he's wearing a suit and tie.....But add a few tattoos and a passionate heart for Christ? Now thats something that might make them take notice.



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