24 October 2007


I saw this on Annie's blog and decided it was interesting enough to post about while I wait for a YouTube video I have been trying to load since last night to be complete. (It is not YouTube's fault - it is totally my wireless signal that is behaving like a schizophrenic child!) You are supposed to post where you were 10-20-and 30 years ago.
  • 10 years ago: I was living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia with my husband, 2 daughters and one month old son. We were actually in and out of the hospital and doctor's offices a lot because Kullen had newborn apnea - and they were looking into any possible medical explanation for it.
  • 20 years ago: I was in my senior year of high school. I wish I could say I was having fun - but I was pretty much surviving. I was living with my aunt and uncle in West Virginia - and working, trying to decide what I was going to do with my life, and hoping I actually got one eventually that was mine, and not an extension of someone else's.
  • 30 years ago: I was in 2nd grade in Mrs. Longobardi's class at Sunshine Elementary in South Florida.


  1. 10 years ago-I was just beginning my house cleaning business and preparing for my oldest daughter's wedding.

    20 years ago- I was tending to a new baby, my Laura Lou with her beautiful blue eyes and cotton white hair.

    30 years ago- I was pregnant with my oldest daughter Jennifer!

  2. 30 years ago? I don't think I can think that far back. LOL! I'll have to do this on my blog if I can.


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