24 October 2007

A Funny Foto

My friend Tina started to call me "Lucy" a couple of years ago, and I in turn called her "Ethel". We just go together. We have been struggling over the last year and a half to find our niche - a way to maintain our friendship from a distance. She is not a phone talker, I am. We have written some lovely letters - but by the time the dang snail mail gets there, it's all old news - plus you have to rely on me to remember to mail something, and you have to know that it will take her literally hours of getting in and out of PO lines to decide which special envelope her special letter should be in, also find with OCD precision, the matching mailing label, only to get home and tear it as she attempts to apply the perfect label to the perfect envelope. Yes, we can even be dysfunctional together from a distance. Anyhoo I was so excited when she got DSL. We've tried using instant messengers before to stay in touch, but never seem to have the stars align properly to have us both online at the same time - even though there is only a hour difference in our times. So, we have started to email regularly and it has been a great joy! Yesterday she said she was missing me so bad, so I sent her a picture to show her she wasn't missing much. In turn she sent ME a picture. We always talk about meeting in Dollywood, because it is about halfway between us - just the two of us - no kids allowed - to have a fun girlfriends getaway. I just had to make this picture of the two of us - I hope you laugh as hard as we did at it:
Boy, they'd see us coming a mile away!


  1. I totally LOVE that picture. How creative.

  2. I love it! I love you guys!


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