16 October 2007

Craving Sushi

I had never tried Sushi until a couple of years ago - in fact, I blogged about it, although I cannot find that post in my archives anywhere. However, since that moment in time, I get to the point where I absolutely crave sushi - in the if-I-don't-get-sushi-now-somebody's-gonna-get-hurt OR the touch-my-sushi-and-pull-back-a-bloody-stump kind of way. I haven't craved anything this bad since I was pregnant. Here's the dilemma ..... I live in southeast Texas. It is not necessarily sushi country. I do live near enough to a city where there is some sushi to be found but I haven't found much, and what I have found leaves something to be desired. Then today I saw this video on how to make a California roll. I actually watched about 20 but this one was the best - and you can alter it by putting anything you want inside. Yummy! Now I am going to have sushi all the time, sushi all the time, sushi all the tie-yime!(insert instrumental from 80s song "Party All the Time" here)

I am also a helper in a 6th-7th grade literature class that is reading "The Master Puppeteer" - a story set in Japan, and we are going to "make sushi" for an activity. Woo hoo! I can't wait. I hope I am able to control myself and let the kids have some.

And I found this terrific video at videojug (the UKs version of YouTube) about how to eat sushi!
Check it out:

VideoJug: How To Eat Sushi


  1. I remember your post! Sushi is not something I am brave enough to try. I don't like cooked fish. Ugh! I'll be back to watch your videos. I've got people in the room reading right now. : )

  2. I like the sushi without the fish in it. It's low fat right?

  3. I've got Nori and rice. I used to have the bamboo roller, but I don't know what happened to it.
    You bring the fish and come over and we'll have a sushi making party. I'll make it - you can eat it.

  4. I love California rolls. Have saved the video you shared for when I am settled in my new apartment.
    I used to make sushi in my Macrobiotic days but it was with the nori on the outside, and then the rice, and then a layer of thin carrot strips, scallions (which I think you call green onions?), and umeboshi paste.
    I like the California rolls better though.


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