02 October 2007

Not One Little Bit

Kendra started her first job today. I dropped her off and then headed out of town for a "mom's meeting" at co-op. I had it all planned out. I was going to pick her up and get ice cream on the way home - just the two of us so she could tell me all about her night. Then Michael's mom had his car and he would be needing a ride -and I totally did not mind that - he is so much fun. Then, the meeting went on overtime - which is totally fine because people had some serious prayer requests, etc. but at some point I had to get up to leave because there was no way I was going to be late for the pick-up after the BIG first day. I slunk out about the time someone was giving the most serious prayer request - and felt like a jerk. But motherly love compelled me to do this terribly insensitive thing. I got in the car and turned the ringer back on to my cell phone, and I saw that I had missed a call from her - so I called back. No answer. A few minutes later she calls me. She says the words I never wanted to hear - "We got off a little early and dad is here to pick us up!" NOOOOOOOOOOOOO all my hopes dashed. All the excited first utterances about the new job were going to be his. Any witty anecdotes wasted on a man who, although he loves her - will not treasure every microscopic detail. Ice cream plans vanished. She assured me that we can do whatever I had planned tomorrow. That's it folks - day 2, 2nd place, the backseat as an observer to her life. I don't like it - I don't like it not one little bit.


  1. Oh Jewls, I'm sorry your balloon got deflated...
    You had great intentions and while it may not seem the same for the 2nd day it will be even BETTER!

    You are not a jerk for leaving others when you thought your child was waiting, that is the right thing to do put your kids first then you are able to help out others.

  2. Oh Chick! I'm so sorry you missed it. I'm sure you will still hear all about it! If it is anything like me, I only remember most of the best things to share later on when my head stops spinning. (((HUGS))) My first job was actually working for the company where my Dad worked, so my Mom always got second helpings of the news. But actually I was happy to share it again since my dad just didn't seem to get the importance of the little things!

  3. Oh boy, how disappointing. What Stephanie said - maybe day 2 will be better. And I agree with her, that picking your kids up needs to be priority one!

  4. Yeah, I've certainly been there and done that! I even have 4 tee-shirts to prove it! All of my girls are grown up, the youngest one Laura who is 20 and in college is in serious love and may have found "the one". I'm pretty sure she's right too!

    My son turns 17 in 10 days and in this last year he has pulled further and further away in this growing up process. I am thrilled at who he is becoming but the Mom in me longs for those by-gone days when he would put his head in my lap and let me smooth his troubles away!

  5. How exciting for DADDY!! I know you must feel disappointed, and I would, too, but I can't tell you how many times George has excitedly said to me, "Look, (Insert Child's Name Here) just did (Insert Milestone Here)!! And I just say, "Oh, yeah, did I forget to tell you he/she is doing that?" to see his deflated expression. I can't wait to read the details of her first job experience. Keep us posted!!

  6. Oh this could have happened to me. I am still chuckling about this post.


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