26 October 2007

"Elements" of Surprise

I made homemade pizza for dinner tonight. Thankfully it was already done, and we were sitting at the table eating when we heard a 'zzzzzzt' noise. My son and I who were sitting on the side of the table facing the oven both saw a flash. Hubby went outside to turn the breaker off (yep our house is so old the breaker box is outside) and checked it out and determined that we need a new element. So here I sit $67.75 poorer for the love of cooking. Not having an oven element when you bake all your own bread is bad news. It is also heading very rapidly towards the holidays, so we had to bite the bullet. Thankfully it happened after dinner. Now to the dishes.

This made me remember the last time we had an element burn up - Travis was laid off and our dear friends James and Kate bought us a new one. You really never do forget the kindnesses that people show you.


  1. I was just thinking how lucky you were cuz now you didn't have to cook any more. Especially bread. Yikes.

  2. I'm so admiring you! I can't bake a decent loaf of bread to save my life! Perhaps if you worked out the money you saved making your own bread against the cost of the element you'd feel better about it? (-:


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