28 October 2007

I Married Mr. Improvise

My husband has always been the best at improvising. Sometimes this means that things are held together with JB weld or duct tape, but no matter what our circumstances, he generally always finds a way to make do with what we have. There have been very few times that he has tackled a problem and given up without a solution. Even at work, he is known for his superior troubleshooting abilities.
Yesterday, when we were visiting his mom, he went to get some tools out of my van, and with his Bam-Bam like strength, he broke the handle on the rear door. This is a major issue, because that is access to all our cargo space. It makes co-op days, grocery shopping, and all kinds of things much more difficult. This morning, he set to work on it and an hour or so later, he called me out to show me what he came up with - - - the handle is broken - and cannot be fixed, but he improvised and put this little washer attached to a cord that dangles under the license plate to release the latch, so I can open it from the outside. Yep, it looks weird, and is a little unorthodox, but it completely does the job.
I wish that I had been writing down all the things through the years he's done like this. He always amazes me. I'll post a picture here later if blogger lets me - it is not letting me right now.


  1. That is awesome! Hey, whatever it works. My husband still gives me a hard time when we talk about that time when he bought a big ole ball of string and I couldn't stop laughing. That ball o' string has lasted us many many years and has come in quite handy!

  2. Do you think Kullen has inherited the "McGuyver Gene"? Travis is so cool.

  3. I've always said that if John can't fix it, it can't be fixed. Sounds like your husband is the same way- even if the solution is a bit unusual. It's great to have a handy man around.


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