22 September 2007

Don't Break a Mother's Heart

To have children, it is said is akin to knowing what it is like to have one's heart walking around outside of one's body. It is a strange sensation indeed. I am the mother to three children. In secret the Lord knit them in my womb. But they are not mine. They are His. And yet for some reason, the ties that bind me to these precious ones are elastic, and only stretch so far before snapping them back safely into my arms. The one thing that most threatens this elasticity is the love of another. God intended it to be so. There have been casual interests here and there, but nothing serious. Recently one child's eyes have begun to sparkle. She tells me that it is pretty casual interest right now, but knowing how much she is like her mother, I know she never does anything with her heart half in it. I know he loves the Lord and for that I am thankful. What I wish I could make him know is how precious she is to me, and to understand in the depth of his being, as Gracie Hart best said in Miss Congeniality:

And if anyone, anyone tries to hurt one of my new friends (insert word daughter here) , I would take them out ...

Y'all thought I was gonna get all spiritual, didn'tcha?

It appears they already have a "date" to go to the prom in April 2008 - should I be worried?



    You are going to be ok.

  2. Will be praying for you Mom as you make this transition in to the next stage of motherhood! Change is never easy, but if God is in it, you know she will be happy! And to take your mind off it pop on over to my blog and pick up your new award!

  3. What do you mean 'How do I have time to blog'? You don't read me talking about sleeping do you?! LOL! Actually, blogging is what is keeping me sane at the moment! It is the only thing that involves grown ups that aren't my customers! I call it mys lifeline. And this last post was written while everyone (including DH) had their Sunday afternoon mandatory naps! I'm smarter than I look you know! ;o)

  4. Gulp, I will gladly wait hopefully several years before I hit this stage with my 11 year old. I don't know how cool I will be. Sounds like she has her priorities straight if he loves the Lord.


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