09 September 2007

Raw Chicken

My friend Joanne just posted this awesome recipe for Chicken Marsala at her blog, that I just can't wait to try. She is an incredible cook, regardless of what she will tell you about the smoke detector being her dinner bell! I, however who do not have that same reputation recalled upon seeing said recipe posted at her blog, a moment when my cooking skills were at their worst. When my girls were in elementary school, I had decided in the throes of our Prairie Primer unit study on the Little House series, to host a "birthday party" posthumously for Laura Ingalls Wilder. I made "fried prairie hen", and cornbread. The hubby helped make sarsaparilla using sassafras root from the woods around our house. We played some games that children in that era might have played. We read some information and looked at some pictures of the Ingalls' and Wilder's family homes. We ate our dinner by candlelight and oil lamps - which all seemed like a great idea until I realized the chicken breasts that some of us were eating were RAW! Joanne was the only other brave adult to stay and eat, and thankfully I didn't kill her! Geesh - just when I thought I was Martha Stewart!


  1. Next time, you plan the super-cool party and *I'll* bring the food!

  2. Joanne ate raw chicken! I'm shocked on that one.

  3. Joanne only ate raw chicken because she couldn't see that it was raw, she thought it tasted weird but did not want to be rude as she had taken a huge piece. Rest assured, Joanne was the one who finally pointed it out.
    That was a very fun party, which I will always have great memories of. The best part was when the kids played the game of having to eat an apple hung from Julie's basement rafters with no hands. If you don't know why that is funny, try it sometime.

  4. That's too fnny! Chicken Marsala is on the menu for one night this week! Mine is slightly different but yours sounds yummy. I serve mine with Angel Hair pasta.

    When I was a kid, I had to start dinner for my mom since she was a single mom and I was a latch-key kid. (They hadn't coined that phrase back then!) I still remember my first attempt a fried chicken, burnt on the outside and bloody on the inside. Since that time, I have perfected the art of a fried chicken dinner making it the #1 choice whenever we have company. I ALWAYS make it when my mom and stepdad are here. I still haven't lived it down, 35 years later!

  5. BWHAHAHAHA! What a funny story! I am curious....why was the chicken raw?

  6. raw chicken? ewwww. Usually the first bite of raw chicken is someone's last bite.

    and I loved your previous post btw. :)


  7. I had the same question. Why was it raw? Was it raw because you had forgotten to cook it? Or just that it hadn't cooked long enough?


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