20 September 2007

Oi Vay!

What a day it has been! Yesterday evening, the girls and I ran some errands and stopped off at the end of the evening for lattes. Bad idea - because ding-dongs that we are, we did not order decaf and I was wide awake until 1:30 this morning. Kendra woke me up at 6 am to sit on the front porch with her and have coffee and enjoy the cool fall-ish (as she says) air. I muttered something about being crazy and an untimely demise, but with just that much disruption, I could NOT go back to sleep. Let me tell y'all 4 1/2 hours just ain't pretty. It is like PMS and a handgun - Julie and lack of sleep - a very toxic mix.
We were at co-op most of the day and afterwards I ran a quick errand to the pharmacy - quick being the operative word as I was desperate to get home for a nap. After waiting for 45 minutes they tell me that they are sorry, but my husband's prescription that I dropped off on Tuesday morning was ordered incorrectly. They don't have the medication, nor does any other pharmacy in the area and they won't be able to get it in until sometime on Monday. I had to drive an hour north to the town we used to live in, knowing they keep the medicine on hand just to get it filled. The hubby-man is an electrician, and his ADD medicine has to be at a consistent level in his system or he is a major hazard to himself and anyone else he may be working with - so it HAD to be done. I almost fell asleep on the way home, and had to pull over at one point in a church parking lot and sleep for 10 minutes before I could drive again. Thankfully that helped me endure.
This evening we went to a bonfire - the same one that we attended last year at the local high school in celebration of homecoming. This year we missed the parade of football players on 4 wheelers, and girls in tiaras in the back of pick-up trucks. My girls enjoyed watching what amounted to a teenage mating ritual around a large fire. For us, "homecoming" is and always will be a permanent marker of the time we've spent here. Almost a year. Wow.
On that note, I say good night!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I always have caffeine at night, definitely not after 9 though. It doesn't seem to matter I just don't sleep well but I totally get your post Do NOT wake me up in the morning :)
    You are a good woman and we all love ya!!!

  2. While Dave has been in Arizona this week, I have slept terrible! I usually do when he's gone. I have been dragging this whole week and tonight our 5 year old grand-daughter is spending the night. So much for napping or relaxing!

  3. I hear about homecoming, but it is not something we do up here in Canada (at least in these parts) so I don't really know what it is.


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