24 September 2007

Our Weekend in Pictures

We had a rather active weekend! Real life has taken the place of excessive blogging and it is good. But I do miss being here and like to keep up with all of my people - without my little community of blogging friends, I would have been lost over this last year and a half. Some of you I know from HSB, some of you are my real life friends, others of you I have met and know from around the world. Thanks for sharing your lives with me and in some small way, caring about mine.
Kaitlyn decided she wanted to learn how to sew, and sew we did! When she mentioned that she wanted to wear it on Monday I realized how much of an "us" project that it was, but she learned a lot. I learned something too - I don't really enjoy sewing all that much!
Our tile floor in our bathroom has been cracking since we moved in. There was a leak which evidently got to the boards underneath. I asked my husband, knowing how he gets halfway through a project and decides he's finished - not to start until he could do the whole thing. Here is a picture of it halfway out - I couldn't bear to show you what it looks like this morning!

On Friday night, the girls went to the homecoming dance at the local high school to meet up with some friends. Kendra and her friend Michael decided they were more than friends. He's a really special guy, but I can't say the b-word yet - so don't even go there!
I also managed to watch The Dead Poet's society (thank you Kathleen!) for the first time and a movie called Bug with my husband which if you are disturbed by a glimpse into a schitzophrenic mind, or have any tendencies toward OCD you will want to avoid it. It is very dark. I cannot recommend it.

I was thinking after this busy weekend, I would spend next weekend just relaxing until my husband informed me that he wants to go camping! If you know us at all, you'll know that we are electronic loving, electricity using, indoor plumbing kind of people. I am imaging National Lampoon's Vacation movie! Good Lord start praying now people!


  1. Having teens sounds so fun! (all except for the B word...I won't go there either)

    and camping CAN be fun. Just enjoy the marshmallows. That's my highlight. black ones.

  2. Wow, busy weekend!

    Kendra and Michael make a very sweet couple ;-)

  3. Love Kaitlyn's outfit- very cute. I am feeling for you on the boyfriend front- though they are cute together!

  4. I have given you an award if you wish to claim it! Go to http://blog.athomewithkris.com/?p=830


  5. How sweet they look :) Nice outfit, I don't sew and don't want to learn, I'm too impatient, I've tried it.
    My house is a remodeling site maybe I'll show you a pic of my *bathroom*

  6. One more thing, I do NOT camp, unless it's the Hyatt with room service :)

  7. BOYFRIEND, BOYFRIEND, Michael is my BOYFRIEND!!! lol

    I love you, Mom:-)

  8. I'd LOVE to go camping with you guys!!! That's one of my all time favorite outdoor activities!!! I WANNA GO!!! I WANNA GO!!!



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