21 September 2007

Computer Craziness

I sent my computer to HP a few weeks ago. This is the third time I have had a 9 month old computer serviced. It has already done a "disc check" since I got it back this morning. It is so frustrating. It is likely they will be sending me a new one very soon.
Now - weird situation with my blog - if I use IE to view it - I get a little white square with a red X in the box where the header should be. If I use Firefox, I don't have anything - not even the space where the header goes. Please tell me what you see when you view this blog - it is all so strange!


  1. I'm using IE and your blog looks good from here!

  2. I have no idea what IE or Firefox is, but your blog looks to be the same style of snazzy as always!

  3. I use Firefox, and I see your beautiful swirly header just fine!

  4. I use Firefox and it looks great!


  5. Everythings perfect from this Firefox. Must be your computer.

  6. Everything looks good here in both Firefox and IE.
    Here is something you could try - go to Control Panel, add/remove programs and if the google toolbar is listed, remove it.
    I was having some problems at work last week and it turned out to be the google toolbar which installs itself, updates itself, and is not needed.
    Good luck.


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