11 September 2007

Kullen in the Kitchen

My Kully-boy has always liked to be in the kitchen. I think it started with being small and wanting to be near me. Now he has really developed a love for cooking. Once I make sure his hands are thoroughly decontaminated, we have a lot of fun together. When he found out that I was making pizzas today, he pretty much took over my job! We had a lot of fun. Unfortunately I still can't get the pizza dough recipe to come out the way I want it in my Bosch mixer. It always turns out a little tough. We are trying again tomorrow. I have a bunch of crusts to make for a youth pizza night on Friday, and I have GOT to get this dough right! Good thing I have a trusty helper! Too bad it doesn't taste as good as it looks!
If you have a really good pizza dough recipe - I'd love it if you'd share. I've tried one that came in a bread cookbook, but it is too bread-y and not yeasty enough for pizza. This recipe was from my old bread machine - but it got kind of tough when baked. I used to be able to make beautifully soft pizza dough in the bread machine - but with this homongo mixer it has been a challenge. And if you have any recipes that are especially 10 year old boy friendly that'd be an added bonus! (The boy will be TEN in two days! How much growing up is a mama's heart supposed to handle?)


  1. Your mama's heart has some more to hold. My "boy" will be 17 in a few more weeks. We just bought him a car and he's already planning for college. I will be a major wreck when he graduates from high school. I don't even want to think about that! I heard a song on the Christian radio station a couple of weeks ago. I instantly knew it would be perfect for his graduation DVD (compiled photos to music). As I was driving and listening to the words, the tears stremed down my face and I was filled with sadness as I thought of the inevitable. UGH!

  2. That pizza looks great! Sorry I don't have a recipe to share. Let me know if you find a good one. Have fun with your pizza night. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. I have the same problem with dough. They are either too bready and fluffy or tough. Hope you get a good recipe...that I can copy.


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