04 September 2007

What is a REAL Life?

My daughter had a debate with her cousin this weekend which actually left her quite frustrated. He presumed that because she was homeschooled, and didn't have a boyfriend, that she didn't have a life. It is really difficult to tiptoe around these things with family. We have never criticized or ridiculed others in our family when they tell us things that make us think their kids are in "government brainwashing camps", and we sort of expect the same respect in return. Since it wasn't the adults that were saying such, I tried to stay out of it, and let her defend the issues for herself. In the back of my mind, I wonder how many people really think the things he had the nerve to say out loud.
What does a "real" life look like? Somehow our society has come to think of it as 12 years of compulsory education, perhaps 4 years of college, and then a 9 to 5 job until you retire or die. We believe with all of our hearts that there is more to life than that, and have set out with our children to help them follow the path that the Lord has set before them, and the bend that He created in them. I know a bunch of people whose children go to school every day that are still doing this well, but I am talking about the masses. It is so frustrating to be outside of what is considered normal. I find that after all these years, these comments and situations do not make me feel inferior as they used to, but frustrated nonetheless that I will live one day as an elderly person in a society whose majority still thinks that real life is being a part of a system, or that a real life, like populous' favorite processed food comes in a box, eaten on trays in front of the mind-numbing boob tube, and that one size fits all. Yuck.
No thanks. We'll take what's behind door #2.


  1. You know I'm with you! Door #2 is real life, all the way!

  2. Well phooey on them :)
    Public school is most definitely not real life. I'm sorry for your daughter to be ridiculed like that.
    The poor new mom, yikes why do people insist on doing that? I hope she sticks with breastfeeding.

  3. How did the discussion your daughter had go? I think sometimes kids answer these questions best.

  4. Door #1 Real life = hours of sitting in a classroom, some more hours of homework and then spending all spare time talking on a cell phone to significant other leaving no time for family.

    Door #2 Unreal life= staying at home learning about things of interest, developing talents (art, music, sports, writing), focusing on relationships with God and family.

    I'm taking door #2 as well!

  5. Oh yeah, 12 years of being signaled by a bell to get up and move, living in a microcosm where what you wear and who you spend time with matters more than what you believe...that's just what real life is like! I'm so glad that kids are being prepared for the future, she says, dripping with sarcasm.

  6. I think for so many people, a "real life" includes, drugs, alcohol, lust, promiscuity, matierialism, pride and so on... I think some people feel threatened, or maybe convicted by others who strive to be more like Christ or step out from the crowd.

    I just thought of that Wendy's commercial that they're playing at the movie theatres where this mass of people are running headlong and falling into this huge hole. They've fallen into the "fast-food" trap of processing and reheating, etc, the burgers. There is this one guy who is amongst them and has a wig on his head that looks like the "Wendy's Girl" with pigtails and he questions the "norm". It sounds stupid but for some reason, I thought of that while I was reading your blog!

  7. I have lived what is behind door No. 1 including the lie that says no family today can make in on only one income. I am glad to say, that choosing to trade for what's behind door No. 2 was the BEST deal I ever made. (and I did not even need a funny costume)--she lets everyone know her age as she refers to old TV show.
    Congrats also on the BEAUTIFUL new great-nephew. He is sure a cutie-pie.

  8. Great post! We are taking what's behind door #2 as well...sometimes we even choose door #3.

    I don't get flustered by questions about our life choices anymore either. Actually, I usually a laughing inside due to their misguided and programmed thought processes. lol!

  9. AMEN!

    It's like someone daring to ask me the "s" question. People who really know me know better than that... Don't even get ME started, girlfriend!

    *two snaps in Z formation!*

    Oh and I grew up with door #1-- friends, "social life", whatever... and I knew that there had to be more to LIFE than that!


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