18 September 2007

I'm an American Girl

Yesterday after co-op the kids and I ran a few errands, one of which was hunting down a book we need to start reading. While at Books-a-Million, we passed a display for a new American Girl doll and books. I could tell from a mile away it was a 70s girl, and then one of my kids said, "Hey mom, her name is Julie!" Then Kendra entered a contest to win the doll for me! I just think it is so nifty. It is just a silly thing - but I'm a 70s girl and my name is Julie. Okay, likely slightly more cool to me than perhaps say all the millions of Kellys, Jennifers, Lisas, Angies and Kims. But what a bummer, me being without a daughter who wants me to read them all to her! I hope I win that doll! hee hee


  1. Cool doll. I hope you win. I used to have hair just like that (minus the braid) in the 70's. Long, blond and straight.

  2. YIKES! I can remember dressing like that! Only I wore a headband around my forehead as well! You know, the whole "indian" look? Man, what could I have been thinking?

    Good Luck in the contest!

  3. I don't remember tons from the seventies, as I was born in '73. Most of my memories would be from the culture of the '80s. My daughter loves this series though and would enjoy that book. I will have to look for it.

  4. I saw that doll in the catalog. I was like - hey that's my old tape player laying there! HA HA!


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