16 September 2007

Pride and Prejudice

I watched the movie "Crash" with my husband yesterday morning. It is interesting to me how prejudices reach across every line and how everybody has them. This movie showed in an unflinchingly profound way how deep they run. Every country, culture, and creed is touched by prejudices, wars are started because of them, and whole races of people are becoming endangered because prejudices dictates so much of how we interact with one another. It made me think a lot about my own heart. What could I change? What prejudices have I developed under the guise of self-preservation? I will tell you if you are easily offended by language, and you do not have a DVD player with a language filter, you may want to refrain from watching this movie. I personally want my teenage daughters to watch it with me (editing out a couple brief scenes) because the way the topic is presented, poignantly and without a cheesy resolution. The movie touches on some nerves I think we need reminded are still there.
On another note about prejudices, we have a new Valero store that has opened in our town by people of Middle Eastern descent. Yesterday, I went inside while my husband and kids waited outside because the machine was not taking my debit card. When I went in there was some cultural music emanating loudly from the computer on the counter, and an older man shouted in a foreign language at the teenage boy who promptly cut it off. The man behind the counter told me to come back in and pay after I had pumped my gas. When I went back in my husband went with me to get a cup of coffee. The men did not even know I was there. I was the one making the transaction, and the clerk would only speak to my husband, "How are you today SIR?" (his emphasis not mine!) I was slightly offended. I understand it is a cultural thing, however, there is a part of me that realizes as a woman I would be expected to blend into the standards of their culture if I lived there, and I feel like they should do the same in this culture. Is that a prejudice? I've got a long way to go!


  1. I had that movie from Netflix but didn't get time to watch so I mailed it back. I'll have to get it again and make the time, I love Sandra Bullock.

  2. Interesting thoughts. In Canada right now, there is a difference of opinion between Elections Canada and our Prime Minister. There was a bill passed lat spring that our PM supported stating that anyone who votes needs to have an identifable face- meaning no coverings, etc. This has become an issue regarding women of Middle Eastern descent who wear their face coverings at all times. Elections Canada does not recognize the new bill passed as of yet, so we now have this controversy going on. I have heard that over in Iran, etc, Caucasions are expected to follow their customs, so I do wonder why we always change our laws to accomodate their customs after they have immigrated here. Seems we do that a lot here in Canada. RCMP officers can now wear turbans, etc. I sometimes think that we should just stick to what is simple and that if you cannot follow law or protocol you should choose a suitable country or profession that is a better fit with your culture/religion. I am sure that it is not that cut and dry of an issue, but it is one opinion I have about it.
    I don't think it is racist. I just want to have all the laws apply to everyone.

  3. I think race predjudism is over-rated. Living with a family of many races I have found that they annoy me equally at times.
    How do you spell annoy?

  4. Immigration is an intersting and lively topic of debate if you live in a state like Texas for example. We have a lot of Hispanics here as well as Middle-eastern people. I remember one time, the Valero station near us (used to be FINA) I went in to pay and wished the guy Merry Christmas. He politely said, "We celebrate ... "(I can't remember) No big deal.

    Our son in law is Mexican and some of his family came over illegally many years ago. I guess the problem I have is that my mother is an immigrant and came to this country legally. I remember her having to update her status regularly and she was a working, contributing member of our economy. Once when she lost her job, she had to resort to food stamps. We were on them less than a month and it just about killed her! She had went hungry during the war (she's from Germany) so she wasn't about to let me do without like she had had to.

    I think what used to be our nation's strength, acceptance and freedom has becom our Achille's heel. Like the nation of Israel, we have become dilluted and wishy-washy and it's only a matter of time before God removesHis blessings from our land!

  5. Jewels!

    This was a killer movie! I watched it alone and about half way through I just came unglued and bawled the rest of the way through.

    I kinda new what the premise of the movie was, but was unprepared! I have always PRIDED myself on my NON-prejudices... but they are so there, ever so subtle!

    I usually read you on google reader, but decided to pop by today. Looking GOOD!!


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