01 August 2005

House For Sale

House For Sale

Harpers Ferry
3 br, 2 ba walk-out basement, vinyl siding
rancher - great location and quiet neighborhood in beautiful mountain setting

This is how an ad for our house might read. There are so many other things it could say, if there were enough lines to tell the story. It could say that we prayed for our own home for ten years before we were blessed to be able to buy this one. At one point in the financing when our loan wasn't looking like it was going to go through, Porky (our pastor) met us, and we sat on the front steps and prayed that the Lord would provide.

I remember the day that we moved in, I have a lap quilt that is very special to me. As the furniture was still being moved in, I hung it on the wall - because it symbolized to me that this was our "home".

Before our financing could go through, there were several things we had to do. We built a railing to go on the back door. Having never built a railing before,I went to the lumber store and asked a hundred questions. I know they were glad when I left. That night, Travis and I put it together.

The day after we moved in, while I was busy unpacking, my girls tied a rope across two trees outside, and made a little tent like structure, spread a blanket on the ground, and had a picnic. The played out there for hours. It was such a joy to watch them enjoying their own yard.

My parents divorced when I was nine, and although there was always a place to call "home", my heart never truly rested anywhere again, until we bought this house. I had been "home"less - so to speak - for about twenty years. I think all of that may make it a bit harder for me to let go. But I know God is teaching me things I cannot know without this journey. I will stay thankful for that, and remember that the memories of my family in this house that became our home will stay forever!

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