16 August 2005

Life Lessons in the Roller Rink

Last night I took the kids, mine and as many as the car would hold to Christian Skate night at a new roller skating rink in our area. We had a good time – but here are some lessons I learned from the pack:

Dwayne – extra-large man – bald head – infectious laugh - wiping out everyone around on his skates Some things just shouldn’t be done!

Dillon – 13 years old – tall and lanky (and very cute!) – Napoleon Dynamite-ish posture – first time skater – he was on his butt more than he was on his feet – When you fall – GET BACK UP!

Tina – 30 something – blonde, cute smile – currently in the market for a new best friend as hers is moving to Texas!! – only recently re-entering the skating scene – (and Brenna, and Jamey, and Jon) If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Shasta – (Dwayne’s wife) – new skater – tried to go around me because I was standing in her way – Don’t knock others down! (especially when their husband’s bigger than you!)

Laura – 13 years old – silly girl – like me doesn’t know how to stop! Keep your eyes up! Watch where you’re going!

Kendra, Kaitlyn, Kullen, Justin, Cody, Curtis, Devan, Lukas – Enjoy the ride and take friends along!

So here sums up the spiritual lessons that I learned at the skating rink from an unlikely group –

1- Some things just shouldn’t be done – these things are called sin

2- When you fall- GET BACK UP! If you fall into sin, don’t wallow in it – get back on your feet and follow Jesus.

3- If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again! Sometimes your walk with the Lord will be difficult – there will be challenges but don’t give up!

4- Don’t knock others down! - Along the way, help those around you to keep going in the right direction. We have a choice to trip them up, or give them a hand.

5- Keep your eyes up! Watch where you’re going! - Keep your eyes focused on Jesus and you won’t miss your step. Sometimes that means going against the flow of our culture.

6- Enjoy the ride and take friends along! – God has given us the gift of life, and there are many things to enjoy along the way. He also wants us to take as many of our friends from this life into eternal life in heaven to be with Him as we can!

So, you can learn spiritual lessons anywhere!

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