24 August 2005

Ask My Realtor - As My Friend

Okay, so now we actually have our house on the market! Yesterday we finally had a realtor come over and list our house for sale - and our realtor extraordinaire is none other than... dun dah dah duh . .. . . .
My friend TINA FRANCIS!!!
Scroll down on the right side to see pictures, etc. of my house that is for sale in WV!
This past winter, Tina and I took our Real Estate Practices and Principles class together. It was a really cool experience going together every Monday and Wednesday night - and eventually a few Fridays were thrown into the mix. However, by the time we finished the class (which I passed with a B!!!!), I knew I wouldn't be going to take my licensing exam, because we had decided to move to Texas. I was so proud of Tina for making that long trip with another lady from our class to Charleston - and passing the exam!!! And this week she went and signed up under Long and Foster with a team run by Sherrilynn Donaldson - and the two of them came out yesterday and listed my house. WOO HOO!

I know Tina will do very well in real estate - because she is a people person. So remember, you saw her first here featured on my humble little blog - but one day you're gonna see that face on billboards, on those little paper placemats you get at the diner, on the backs of benches, and all over realtor.com. But here is what I thinks makes her most special of all - Tina is helping me sell my house and she really doesn't want us to move. The day I told her we were going to move was filled with a lot of tears, between both of us. This moving thing is hard - but having her as our relator in a lot of ways is making it easier. She is coming over today to help me do whatever - organize closets, and some general straightening. I know Tina would do this kind of stuff to help just about anybody - but when she helps me get ready to move - even when she doesn't want me to go is an act of pure love and unselfish friendship. I am blessed to be able to call her my friend. The rest of you will just have to be content to call her to be your realtor!!
* * * *

This act of pure love and unselfish friendship has been poured into my life by many:

My friend Carol has been my "big sister" for going on ten years now. We became friends when our daughters took preschool dance classes together. Now they're teenagers and all along we've been walking that road together. Knowing my family is all distant, she has taken the role of their "Auntie Carol" in the lives of my children, and I know she loves them the way only family can, and they her. She has taken care of all of us through the years in so many ways. It will be heart wrenching in a way I can't even think about to be physically separated from her!

My friend Helen has helped us financially while we take on such a monumental task, and believed that we could and should do what was best for our family despite her personal feelings. She has been my cheerleader and the voice of wisdom with "Why don'tcha just......" - and you always know the second half of that sentence is something good. She is very practical with her advice - and the ability to think logically has blessed this emotional thinker so much!

My friend Lizbeth also has been amazing. She came to my house one evening, when she needed to be at the laundromat doing laundry, and instead she spent the night laying laminate flooring in my bathroom (and taught me how to use a saw!!). You haven't seen love until you've seen someone pick your toilet up out of your bathroom with their bare hands! She also laid flooring throughout my house with Helen's help last September to help make our environment better for my asthmatic son. When we told her we were thinking about moving - she supported us 200% without flinching!

See what I mean????

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