17 August 2005

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Last night was one of those moments of self-revelation, when you realize that you're a homeschooler - and you know that your child's curiosity is what will ultimately motivate them to learn things - and it takes precedent over everything else!
Kullen and I had snuggled up in my bed to read more of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After the story was over, he went to brush his teeth and as he passed my bedroom window, he saw a huge spider just outside. It was fascinating. And I have those windows that go all the way down to the floor, so he could sit right there on the inside and look at it for a while. It was a pretty awesome event. I think he is fascinated and yet scared of spiders, and would never ordinarily get that close. But behind the safety of the glass it was another story. While it was hanging there we could see its backside. So I got his drawing tablet - and knowing it was bedtime he was somewhat shocked and said, "I can draw it? Now?" He was thrilled. He drew in great detail what the spider and the designs on its back looked like. Eventually I went to make daddy's lunch and he went to brush his teeth, but then he came back to check the spider before going to bed, and saw that it had moved, and now we could see its tummy!! WOO HOO! More drawing! This morning when he wakes up, we'll see if we can find a way to identify it.
I want to always be tuned in to these learning moments. They are a way of life for homeschoolers. My little boy had every bit of his brain power immersed in observing that spider - we counted the legs and talked about the color, we watched the spider rear back as if it would strike us, and we watched it spin a small bug in its web. You can't learn that kind of stuff in a textbook! (Which is why I hate textbooks!? Have I ever said that here? Oh, well that's another blog!)
FOOTNOTE: Here is our spider - it's a Garden Orb Weaving Spider - non-agressive and non-venemous! (Well, actually it is venemous - but it isn't toxic to humans!) However, I shouldn't have looked at this website because now I know a whole lot more about spiders than I ever wanted to know!!! God has not given me a spirit of fear, God has not given me a spirit of fear, God has not given me a spirit of fear!!!

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