18 August 2005

Book Review - Reaping the Harvest

It feels a bit strange to recommend a book before I've actually read the whole thing, but it has caused me to think about my relationships with my kids in such a beneficial way, that I just couldn't wait to make sure I shared it with anyone else who may benefit from it as much as I am.
I also need to state, that I was in the library in the section where homeschool books were, somehow divinely inspired to be there - because honestly many of those books totally overwhelm me! However, I reached up, in a hurry because I'd gone with a friend, and pulled down this book:
Reaping the Harvest by Diana Waring - and shallow girl that I am, the cover appealed to me. So I threw it in my basket, maybe in the back of my mind thinking it'd be another "homeschooling how-to" book I'd lug home and never read. *Sigh* It's not that I don't WANT to be inspired, it is just that after all these years of homeschooling, sometimes it seems there's nothing new under the sun!
I started reading this book the night before last, and it has been hitting me right between the eyes. I didn't even know it was directed at parents of teenagers. There is a lot of emphasis on building relationships of mutual respect, acknowledging your children as special - created by God. That even helped me with my seven year old, who I am so busy trying to keep from driving other people crazy (physical antics, constantly making sounds, drumming on the table, whistling, etc. etc.) that I risk suffocating the personality God made him to have and intends to use for His glory.
I would highly recommend that parents of teens read this book - and there is another book called Beyond Survival also by Diana Waring for all parents. I plan on checking out all of her stuff now! She also has a website www.dianawaring.com - with many resources for homeschoolers.
Okay, so before I sound too much like a commercial, I will state that I do not know Diana Waring (although I wouldn't mind meeting her!), I am not being paid to read this book, nor to give it a favorable review. I will simply say that I am a parent who is learning as I go with my children how to let them grow into the people God made them - and along the way, I'm learning to be who God made me. This book spoke to that desire inside of me to nurture my children's God-given personalities. I pray it may benefit someone else as well. Happy reading!

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  1. Oh my word Girl! Have you done anything today other that blog???? 7 posts in the past few hours?? Very sweet of your dh to honk you! I too love country music, but sadly they aren't very big on it here in the UK so I only get to listen to it when I'm stateside! I did have one CD of country music that I liked but it was stolen when our car was broken into! The spider lesson was SOOOO cool! Don't you just love it when they get to learn like that?? And the books sound great, but I probably won't be able to get my hands on them for a couple of years or so, but thanks for sharing anyway! There I think that covers most of it! Oh and don't worry about the worst Mommy award! I have had that firmly in my grasp many a time!


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