01 August 2005

Golden Year Tribute

Bill and Myrtice Forsythe

Sainted Parents of Travis Gifford Forsythe!!!

This is quite a major accomplishment to be married in this day and age to the same person for 50 years! But if you knew my mother and father-in-law you would not expect anything else. Bill and Myrtice are both native Texans, and in my perspective two of the most kindhearted people you could ever hope to meet. The first time I met them, Travis took me to their house. Myrtice opened the door, grabbed my arm to pull me in so I could give her a hug, and I promptly stepped on her foot! Seconds later I did the same exact routine with my father-in-law. I am sure they thought me quite refined and delicate!

In June these two special people celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. One of the things I look forward to the very most is being able to celebrate this milestone with them when we get to Texas.

Here is a picture of their 50th anniversary with an inset of their engagement photo.

I am so thankful to have people in my life who have shown me what marriage means - a lifelong commitment. The world around us doesn't have many examples of this. (applause, whistles, cheers!!)

When I was younger, even before I was a member of their family they always treated me like one. I did not grow up in the easy, laid back way that is so natural to them. (I am still hoping it might rub off!) But they always put up with me when they visited. I can't speak for them, but over the years, they've grown into their very own place in my heart, and I love them. The last time they came to see us, I knew this was true, because as they pulled out of our driveway in their RV, I could not hold back the tears.

God bless you Bill and Myrtice on your golden anniversary!

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