31 August 2005

Reality Check

I was having a bad day. Everything was stressing me out. Ever have one of those days when you know that you are overwhelmed, but even that knowledge isn't enough to pull yourself back together and get it in check??? Well it was one of those days - living in the flesh- being short tempered, and trying foolishly to regain control on my own. There was not good news from the union today - and although it is likely temporary (they have to investigate the employer that withheld his final paycheck illegally) - I wanted it to get better NOW! I am ashamed to see how much my temperament can remindme of a two year old not getting their way is sometimes. I feel a bit like I am in quicksand - pulling harder, and harder, and HARDER - as if there is one thing I can do to make anything happen any faster than it is happening. When we first decided to move - our goal was to be in Texas by the beginning of August - and we didn't even get the house on the market until late August. I didn't want to start the school year here - and am being forced with so much else going on in or lives to try and get things going.. Wah Wah Wah

And then it happened - just before dinner my husband turned on the news - and the first half hour of stories were about the victims of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi - and suddenly my problems didn't seem so bad. Families have lost their homes, people are looking for loved ones, levees have broken and cities are flooded, people are making mass exodus from their hometowns to unknown places, and highways are literally jammed with people trying to leave the ravaged areas.. It is just heartwrenching.

I don't know how it is so easy to get off track - caught up in sin - as Paul says that "so easily entangles". I repent - in dust and ashes - well at least cobwebs and an unswept floor! Turn my complaining to intercession for the needs of others Lord, and help me not to be so focused on the ridiculously minute details of my own little life and reality. Give me eyes to see the things that are eternally important.

For those affected by Hurricane Katrina

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