11 August 2005

Precious Prayer

Last night the youth leaders and parents of youth at our church had a meeting to discuss what we're doing, where we're headed, any issues or concerns, etc. Being someone who was called to minister to the teenagers at our church years ago, this ministry is so close to my heart. I care so much about what happens here even once our family has moved on.

Porky had all the youth leaders stand up in the middle of the room, and had all the parents gather around us, lay hands on us and pray for us. It was such a very precious time. To hear the parents thank the Lord for the things He has used each of us to do in the lives of their children was such a tremendous blessing. Sometimes in youth ministry you wonder if you are having any effect at all. Some of the blessings included simple things like creating an environment where their teens like to come to church.

I was second in line for prayer. The prayers of praise to the Lord for how He has used me were so precious and sweet. When Pam, my friend and pastor's wife, prayed for our family and the hole that would be at the Chapel once we've gone, I couldn't hold back the tears, and they lingered throughout the rest of the prayer time. They brought our family and our move before the Lord, someone asked that our marriage would be strengthened through such a strenuous time, and almost prophetically Porky (my pastor) asked that the Lord would be with me when times of discouragement and doubt come, when I am away from my friends and everything familiar, and that I would remember the things He has been showing me.

Ten years ago when I walked into the doors of that little Chapel in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I had no idea what a work the Lord would do in my life. My life was a train wreck. I was 25 years old, with two small children and separated from my husband. What I experienced there was genuine worship. I saw in others something I wanted - which was a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He planted me in fertile soil, and now He is uprooting me. I pray I will be able to continue to grow elsewhere!

Last night when Porky prayed over me and thanked the Lord for my "faithfulness" it was almost too much to bear. I am only able to be minimally faithful because of His extraordinary faithfulness to me. Thank YOU Jesus!

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