08 August 2005

A True Confession

I have a confession to make: I'm a complainer. Not that I'm necessarily always grumbling to everyone around me - although there are those times too - but inside me, there is this constant struggle against a stream of thought life that would seek to make me a miserable and discontent person. Even in yesterday's post I was saying how I wish God would hurry up, when what I should be wishing for is that He, knowing He knows what is very best for me would keep the perfect timing. I know my murmuring won't move Him, but it is in the inner struggle I disquiet my own spirit.

If I can remember that He knows the issues that press on me - He knows when our mortgage is due, and He knows when the school year starts, and He knows every minute detail of every little thing that this move effects - if I could put complete trust in that I could have so much more peace. Help me Lord. Quiet this streaming feed of complaints that run through my heart and mind. I know it is from the enemy. Forgive my sin of worry Lord.

Here is a quote I read yesterday: We all carry about in our pockets His very nails. -Martin Luther
How true is that???

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