19 August 2005

Small Town Happenings

The year I had my son (1997) - there was a big deal because came to town!!! WOO HOO! We only had a couple of drug stores, grocery stores, flea markets and antique stores in our town before Wally-World made the grand entrance. Now it is like a town hall!

Why is it that you can't go there without running into at least one person you know? It is where people meet to swap kids, or to carpool for homeschooling events, and even the teenagers hang out at the far end of the parking lot. So many things happen there. Babies cut their teeth on the cart handles - which by the way is totally gross, just from the look of the fingernails of the cart-guy in the parking lot, who probably hasn't washed his hands since 1985. I wanted to buy that mother a big old box of biscotti or zwieback toast! I even saw two women talking the other day, and one was - - I kid you not - - crying!!! So evidently now therapy is available at the big "W". In our town, everybody wears the same kind of underwear - because there is only one place to buy it. The women all have the same purses, and the guys all get the red toolbox that is on special for $39.99 for Father's Day. Today my firend Tina took me to Wal-mart to go grocery shopping - and I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in a while. It was such a hoot as we sat there catching up while leaning on some bags of dog food. Later my friend Kathie stopped by there to hand off a turkey, (Don't ask!!?!) and as we were leaving the parking lot we saw a place where kids can come to meet and shake their bus driver's hand. And on Friday nights you can go there, and not just run into one person, but their entire family - all out for a big weekly night out on the town! In our little town, Walmart is the place to be.

But it's a love hate relationship that I have with Walmart. 'Cause deep down inside I want to tell you about what I saw on the clearance rack, and that bags of lettuce are even cheaper there than at Save-a-Lot!!! And yet I want to encourage you to stay away from that place - that sucks up money and time, and makes you want things you didn't even know they had!

..... after Wal-mart we went across the parking lot to shop for some (as Tina would say) "bargains" at
Well I guess I really am just a small town girl at heart! What will I do if they don't have a Super-Walmart and Goodwill stores in Texas!!!!!?? Shudder the thought!

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