03 August 2005

A Child's Prayer

Last night Kullen and I had such a sweet time together. At bedtime we've been reading The Toothpaste Millionaire together. (It's one of those Sonlight books we never got to read!) After his bedtime story, we prayed together, as we do each night. But last night there was something different. His little heart was so tender. First I prayed for his friend Logan who is in the hospital, and as I did, he cried. Then we talked for a little while about a friend who has been diagnosed with MS. Normally he doesn't seem to be paying a lot of attention, but he asked me what MS was, so we discussed that for a while. Then it was his turn to pray. For weeks he has asked God to "Please help us not to move to Texas, but please help us be able to see our grandparents more." Well, last night he amended this line. He thanked God for making him excited about Texas. After he was done praying, he asked me what was the first thing we were going to do when we got to Texas, and I told him we would visit Memaw and Papa of course! I told him he would get to see the house that his daddy grew up in and that Papa built with his own two hands. I am so thankful for the sparkle and the silly snaggle-toothed grin he gave me. Thank you Lord for giving him such a tender heart. May it always be that way!

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