11 August 2008

I Storge You

There has been much more living than blogging lately, which means I have a surplus stored up of things to share. My friend Lizbeth has been here for a week now. We have had a great time together. It is a hard road that brings her here, but in between the really rough times are times of pee your pants laughter. I forget how much I miss the fun we have together. In some ways it is amazing - she makes me realize what a good life I have and can make here. It is strange - for the first time in two years I really feel like myself.
Tonight (actually last night, Sunday) we started a book discussion group at a coffee shop. It is something that Kendra and I have planned to do for a long time. We decided after this post and some pretty intense conversations about love to read The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis. I love reading C.S. Lewis - but I enjoyed it most profoundly reading Mere Christianity years ago with a little book discussion group called Can of Worms. I am pretty excited to get this going with the group we have, the majority of which are older teenagers. There were around 14 participants so I think we should end up with a nice sized group. The chapter on eros, the more romantic of the loves takes a pretty headlong dive into sexuality, but it is a pretty important aspect of the whole picture, so I don't intend to shy away from it.
Life has provided more living and less opportunities for blogging. Girls night out with the best sushi ever, lounging in the coffee shop with our Bible studies, etc. Life has been good. I have missed you my friends. I storge you my friends - but I am happy to resume my regularly scheduled life!


  1. I have been so excited reading about all of your adventures. You are getting to a good place, I think and it makes me happy for you.

  2. I am so happy that things are looking up and that you are feeling like yourself again and really enjoying everyday life.


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